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What to eat to make your cum taste good

Question: “what foods to eat to make you cum taste bad and good” by wetnik

Well it seems that veggies and fruits are good for your health but also good for making your cum delicious. Maybe not that delicious but it changes the taste form a bitter one to a sweeter one. And that is a huge improvement according to the women form DontSpitSwallow.

Pineapple from juice to the fruit itself seems to be the most effective at making your cum taste sweeter. The rule of thumb would be if it makes your mouth smell bad it will make your cum smell taste bad also. If you eat something that makes your lover devour your mouth with passionate kisses you can be sure that the taste of your cum will be good also. If you become a vegetarian you are more sure than not of achieve a good tasting cum. But that requires a lot of dedication from your part.

Also your sexy woman lover should consider implementing a veggie diet and be careful at what she eats because the taste and smell of her tender pussy is also influenced by what she eats. If she likes oral sex she better make sure her pussy is a treat not a punishment for the mouth. Both partners have to get involved and contribute to making the couple sex life fantastic.

Another thing you could do is make your lover eat something sweet before she starts giving you head. That way the start is encouraging. When you cum you should have something sweet to drink around and give it to your lover. That way she can swallow it faster and get a better taste after that. You can use these tricks too to make your cunnilingus experiences more pleasant.

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