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How silence ruins a couples sexuality

    The majority of couples, even the ones that have been together for a long time, avoid talking openly about sex and their sexuality.

    We realize how important this subject is for our couple's happiness, but when time comes to talk about it, we avoid the topic. A recent study made by sexologists from all around the world points out the fact that 60% of the people involved in a relationship avoid speaking their mind when it comes to sex and sex related topics. They avoid speaking with their lovers about their expectations and desires about the sex life that they share. 

    Most of them feel fear when thinking about expressing their sexuality to their partner. And the fear is overwhelming. So the subject of sex and eroticism becomes taboo, avoided like a disease. But in the long run this is the path to the breaking down of the relationship.

    Sex talks with your partner are a great way to deepen your relationship and create a stronger bond. Plus your sex life will greatly benefit form the open and honest discussions.

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