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Masturbation: The art of solo pleasure

Sex is a social sport and everybody knows it takes two to tango, but just as a beginner practices his dance steps in front of a studio mirror in hopes of a better performance with his partner so does masturbation improves one's chances of satisfying both their partner, and most importantly themselves. The funny thing is that even though sex is a social activity, it's not always socially accepted. Especially masturbation, seen as a shameful and dirty act, especially female masturbation. Although it's not true that everybody has sex, it's true that almost everybody masturbates, and if not, they should be.


Since it's regarded as such a tabu, and you most likely won't talk about it with anybody, then I'll take up the monumental task of opening up the door to endless pleasure and self satisfaction through several tips, tricks, advice and scientific knowledge. Al that's left is for you to take that first step through into an unbelievable new world where you can be truly honest with yourself. Since God gave you your body, the most sensational instrument you'll ever poses I'll take up the task of showing you how to tune it so that you'll make beautiful music. So relax. Sit back. And let me take you on a ride destined to change your life for better. Let's begin.

First understand that love making isn't a given quality. You gain it over time and lot of practice is involved. You have to commit yourself fully with one goal in mind: Mind numbing pleasure over long periods of time. This in mind I have 2 requests: One for the men and one for the women. First the guy's goal is to prolong masturbation so that they last longer. Same as sex, when masturbating keep in mind the journey and not just the goal. When you start to understand this, you'll focus more on yourself and less on the orgasm. This way the act of sex, and solo sex will last longer. This will also eliminate the pressure of constantly aiming for orgasm. In the end the orgasms will come on their own, and sex and solo sex will feel allot more pleasurable. You will begin to last longer since now you can focus on your body reactions. This will be the first step in becoming an erotic sex master.


For the women, this task has two parts. First you'll have to masturbate slowly, really slowly, memorizing each and every pleasurable feeling that your body has to offer. Learn them, love them. This will help you to know yourself better. After you achieved this and mastered your body reactions, keep in mind that pleasure map and all the right buttons to push. Use all this info now to reach orgasm faster, but without rushing yourself. Thus you will be more compatible with the male orgasm response time which is much lower that the woman's, for now at least.

Keep in mind that the biggest, most important and most powerful sexual organ is the brain. Sex and solo sex without active use of the brain is so mundane that it doesn't even worth a while. A good kinky thought, or better yet a fully fledged fantasy can offer a better thrill than all the lovers in the world. This is the one thing that most women forget. Sex is a very active experience and it's requires the implication of both lovers and all their sex organs. Allot of women are passive during sex. This is a monstrous mistake leading to sexual frustration in both partners. So take up this challenge, and together with your personal body pleasure map, and a good fantasy in mind engage in any sexual activity with your partner, or alone. It doesn't really matter. Actually my recommendation is to work alone at first. After all, practice makes perfect.


The second exercise applies to both men and women. In both men and women, when reaching orgasm we contract some muscles. Some contract more muscles than others, ex: arms, legs, thighs, butt, etc. But one set of muscles applies to both men and women. To find these muscles, when you use the toilet, just concentrate on stopping the flow of urine. These muscles are also responsible for ejaculation in both men and women. Yes, women can ejaculate to, but more of this in another post about the female orgasm. So, to get to the point, for 15 minutes at least each day, I want you to concentrate on contracting and relaxing these muscles until it becomes a daily habit. Take it easy the first month not to over due it since these muscles can also experience muscle fatigue. Women have the advantage with this exercise and I know you'll find this one a very pleasurable one. Since you can sit cross-legged and do the exercise and get sexually stimulate no mater where you are in that moment in time. You can enjoy yourself this way while driving to and from work, in a board meeting, on a date, in a bar, literary anywhere you feel like it, and it will be your own personal secret. After a couple of months of dedicated work you'll see how intense your orgasm's become. And if you want to be regarded as an awesome sex partner then do this. While having sex with him in the woman on top position concentrate on contracting and relaxing these muscles rhythmically while being penetrated by your partner. You'll see a sudden change of expression on his face as he struggles not to give way to the massive avalanche of new pleasurable sensations overflowing through his body. You'll be a sex goddess with time.

As for you men, these exercises will have you shooting 3 feet onto the walls in a powerful and literary explosive new chapter in your new orgasmic sex life as you slowly, but surely change in the erotic sex masters you always dreamed to be.

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