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How to fuck for a long time - Tips & Tricks

Question: "I want to fuck for a long time. How it is possible"

Long time fucking is achievable. I have but one question in my mind. What is a long time for you? Do you want to fuck for 1 hour, several hours, the whole night or all day long. What performance are you looking to achieve? There isn't a certain limit for how much love you can make and how long you can fuck. All is in your mind. So first take some time and set a sex goal. Answer the question: "How long do you want to fuck?" The answer is your goal. Now that you have the desired sex time, you have your goal. This is the first step to achieving the sexual performance that you want in bed.

If you want to fuck for a long time then you have to become a sexual athlete. You have to train your body. You have to train your mind. And the most important thing: you have to make your mind and body cooperate, and fuck as one. Get in shape. Hit the gym, start eating right. If your body is in peak performance then you have a better chance to resist all night long. If you are getting fatigue and lack of breath during sex, before the orgasm, then you should get in shape. Cut down on the smoking and drinking. Eat healthier food. You should try out more fruits and vegetable. Besides fruits and vegetables are fun in bed too. You could serve them off your hot sexy lady erotically.

When it comes to ruling your mind there is one key point. Stop being all in your head, all the fucking time. Notice your lover when making love. Admire her, touch her sexy skin. Relish the experience. Don't focus just on your pleasure. Focus on her also, give her the same amount of pleasure that you are getting. In fact make sure that she gets all the pleasure that she deserves. Stop focusing on the sensations in your body. Start noticing how much pleasure your sexy lover is having during making love. Then brainstorm and think of all the ways you could skyrocket her ecstasy. Be inventive in bed. Try different thing. You are going to find out pretty fast if what you are doing is bringing her closer to peaks of delicious pleasure or not. This way monotony goes out the door


Masturbating a couple of hours before making love can be a great way to prolong the fucking time. The short time benefit is the fact that the depletion of sperm makes it so that you have a temporary sexual stamina increase. The best of the long time benefits is the fact that you could study your body's reactions just before having an orgasm. That way you can sense when you are about to burst with pleasure. All you have to do is stop. Don't just stop, and lay there like a piece of meat. Sensually kiss your lover, stroke all her hot body and whisper sexy and erotic words. Then, when you are good to go, go full frontal and continue the deep sensual and sexual experience.

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If your desire for longer fucks is flamed by the wish to make your lover cum more deeply and rapidly, and have more orgasms then you should read about the continuous orgasm.

Come to the fun side of life, the erotic sex life.

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