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How to suck a penis so that the guy goes mad with pleasure

Question: “how to suck a penis so that guy goes mad” by hotbabe.

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Well the majority of men are turned on and excited only at the idea of receiving oral sex. Blowjobs are a major fantasy in the mind of every man and a hot woman sucking and working a man’s dick with pleasure and desire is what all men want. If they say it’s not true they are lying. We men feel an extraordinary sexual rush when the soft lips of our sexy woman touches the tip of our penis. It is a fabulous mixture of pleasure desire and pervertedness.

If you wish to drive a man mad with pleasure when giving him the blowjob of his life you have to get into it. You have to exude pleasure from what you are doing. You have to create the impression in your lovers mind that there wouldn’t be any other thing you would rather do. You have to put all your heart into it an go full out. He has to get the feeling that when you will be done with his dick there won’t be anything there. It would have melted like a lollypop in your mouth.

The mind is the biggest sexual organ and you have to stimulate it. Talk dirty to your man if he is into it. Or you can adapt the attitude of “this is going to be the best blowjob experience of your life”. And if the previous oral sex record was held by you in his mind you have to strive to beat yourself. The most important thing when it comes to oral sex is a drooling desire to kissing, sucking and licking the other lover’s sex organs. This is the key component for both men and women. You have to go full force out and like what you are doing.


The rest of the way to giving mind blowing oral sex is to refine your technique. There are different blowjob techniques but the key is mixing it up. Use teasing a lot and go from one style of sucking cock to another. Play with him. Make him feel that you are the master. You decide how much pleasure he will receive and when. Tease him, make him almost reach orgasmic pleasure, stop and go do something else that will cool him down. Make him beg for the release of sexual energy. And just keep on stacking his desire. If you succeed in making him stop you and take you and throw you down and start making live to you like a horny animal then you have done a great job, blowjob that is.

You can suck just the tip of his penis, a little more or the whole sweet dick. Of course you have to get some practice to be able to handle the gag reflex. But I guarantee that your man will be in heaven when you will swallow all or the better part of his dick. If you want to learn how to swallow the whole dick you will have to have a willing partner. I don’t think your man will mind. Then you have to take it step by step. Better said inch by inch and learn how to breath and control your gag reflex. It’s not called a blowjob for nothing. There is some work involved but the results are worth it. Your man will be your sex slave that will obey all your command for one of your mind blowing blowjobs. You can use cold or flu medicine that has anesthetic substances in it for calming throat aches. The anesthetic will reduce the gag effect and you will have a better time learning how to swallow the dick whole. Also your lover will have greater sexual stamina and be hard or a longer time because the anesthetic will reduce the sensations from the tip of his dick.

Whatever you do with your mouth keep those teeth away. They really hurt. But some mild teeth action can be a novel and exciting thing too. There aren’t any set in stone rules. You will have to experiment and find out what really turns on your man.

Also you should be careful when giving your man a blowjob. Sometime he might get too excited and start thrusting his penis at which point you have to slow down and pace him. If not one of those thrusts might go too deep causing you to vomit or in some serious cases even damage your throat. No one wants to explain the doctor how you got hurt, especially you. So be careful.

I applaud your desire to learn the art of giving fabulous blowjobs. I am sure you will succeed in driving your man mad with pleasure and desire when you will suck his penis. And in return he will reward you with pleasures like you never thought possible. Explore your sexuality and better your sex life. Have fun.

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